You may qualify for WIOA benefits for your education!

If you have recently been fired or laid off from your job, or have run out of unemployment benefits, you may be able to get your schooling in the field you are interested in partially or fully paid for. The medical assisting program at International Training Academy is one of the programs for which students can get financial assistance.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act was put into place in 2014 and was made to help job seekers and workers access training and services that will help them become successful in the labor force. Through WIOA, you can get professional help when finding a career and going through the job application process, but you can also further your education in certain fields in your area. 

One large part of WIOA is that it can directly benefit people who have lost their jobs by helping pay for their education in fields that are in need of more workers. And the best part is, the application process is pretty simple and advisors in each county of Illinois are there to directly assist you in your job search and the application process. 

Although the application process varies by county, you can usually expect to attend an information orientation and to take a survey about your eligibility. This is used to help inform your advisor about your interests so they can easily help you find the right training program for you. 


Due to COVID-19 many job centers have moved their services online. Click here to find a qualifying program in your area and read more about WIOA benefits.