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Quality is the fundamental core in every part of the education at ITA.

In the practice room and in the classroom, the quality of education is never compromised. We strive to bring in the new age of spa, salon, and healthcare techniques to raise the standards in the industry. Our unique curriculum stimulates our students to evolve into problem solvers. We focus on giving our students a complete understanding of all the subject matters. 


We aim to prepare successful skin and health care professionals through our strong and well-structured education.  Our graduates are successful and have enjoyed working with some of the top doctors, in salons, and in hospitals.   


We have a strong commitment to academic excellence, working hard to perfect our techniques, spending hundreds of hours doing “hands-on” practice.  Many salons owners request Academy’s graduates, some have called our school the “Harvard of Skin Care”. Our graduates consistently outperform others in State and National licenses and certifications. 


  • Help our students to become exemplary professionals and leaders in their field
  • Provide the highest quality professional training
  • Raise the bar in the fields of skin- and health care education
  • Help our students to obtain financial independence
  • Keep the 100% employment for our students

At the Academy, we continually strive for excellence in everything that we do. Our revolutionary approach to study combined with advanced techniques foster an atmosphere of accelerated professional and personal growth. Our passionate commitment to innovative ideas expands far beyond the health care education.Quite simply, we want you to have the best experience possible when studying with us. This experience will then allow you to achieve all of your professional goals, and will allow you to lead a happy, fulfilled, and financially secure life.


We have developed the highest moral, ethical, and educational standards, and are committed to turning out the best professionals in the industry. Each student’s success is our success, and we share in their accomplishments.


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