An Esthetician’s Story: a Client Skipping a Facial

An Esthetician’s Story: a Client Skipping a Facial

We are excited to present the first post by our newest contributor,– a wonderful Esthetics instructor at International Skin Beauty Academy and the proud owner of Replenish 224, Ms. Kim C.. The true story she has shared below will be valuable to both licensed skin care professionals and clients who frequent salons and spas.

A client of mine recently made an interesting statement to me. 

Her daughter is getting married in August, and she has been coming for regular facials w/chemical peels, wanting to look her best for the wedding.  Anyone who has a daughter (I have three) knows that her wedding day is just as much about YOU, the mother, as it is about the bride (wink, wink).  So I was surprised when she came last month, and told me that she decided to skip the facial.  She was going to still have the chemical peel, but wanted to add in eyebrow tint and wax instead of the usual facial.  I assumed this decision was a ‘budgeting issue’ – trying to keep her monthly costs down… But then I remembered what I just told you… that this upcoming wedding was every bit her day as well as her daughters and I thought it was an odd decision, so I asked her… 

“If you don’t mind my asking, why are you skipping the facial today?” 

Her reply probably shouldn’t have surprised me, but it still did.  She said: 

“I just want to look as good as I can come August, and I want to use my money on things that will have an impact.  I don’t want to waste money on a facial, I figured the peel was more important.  I thought the peels will make a difference, and the facial is just for relaxing.” 

WASTE money?  Yes, that is what she said.  After I caught my breath, I explained to her exactly what a facial does..  For me, it was a reminder that unfortunately, many people do not understand the benefits of a properly performed facial so I thought I would share with you today exactly what benefits come from a good facial:

• Anti-aging effects

• Clearer skin

• Reduced puffiness 

• Firms facial muscles

• Helps with tissue regeneration

• Increases circulation

I want to be sure that you understand the importance of that last benefit listed, INCREASING CIRCULATION.  It is important to understand that when massage increases blood circulation, it means also an increase in the water and nutrients being supplied directly to the skin cells.  Massage is actually FEEDING and HYDRATING the skin from the inside.  A good facial massage will also incorporate movements to assist with Lymph movement.  This is important because our lymph system removes toxins.  This increased blood and lymph movement will leave you with a glowing, healthy, radiant complexion. 

Needless to say, my client has resumed the monthly facials.


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