Holiday Self-Care Tips for Skin Care Professionals

Holiday Self-Care Tips for Skin Care Professionals

The holiday season is upon us and everybody wants to look their best! This means that December is a hectic month for all the professionals working in the beauty industry (estheticians/ aestheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, etc.). Unfortunately, while our colleagues are working tirelessly to make sure their clients feel and look beautiful, their own beauty routine is neglected!

Although we hope that even during the holiday rush every beauty professional makes sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep, drinks plenty of water, exercises, and eats healthy food – the reality usually leaves much to be desired. What makes it even tougher for estheticians and cosmetologists is that they are expected to serve as role models for all the clients when it comes to skin!

A fantastic natural way to rescue and boost up tired and fading skin is facial massage. Massage helps to remove toxic product and purifies the skin, boost up hydration, nutrition, and regeneration of the skin. It also stimulates immune system’s mechanisms, tones the muscles and helps puffiness subside.

Here are 10 simple moves every skin care professional can do to keep skin fresh and youthful!  

These moves can be performed in the morning, evening, or between clients! In fact, anyone can do them during the day! Repeat each move 4-5 times.  If you have makeup on - replace long strokes with a pointed touch.

1. Start massaging the chest in a circular motion from the center to the outside (use opposite hand for each side).

2. Using opposite hands massage sides of the neck with downward motions.

3. Position four fingertips on your chin with your thumb beneath your jaw, and edge toward the each ear lobe with small, circular movements.

4. Place two fingers on either side of your chin and press-release; move upward along the nasolabial fold until you reach the base of your nose. 

5. Place base of the palms underneath your cheekbones and work them with pressure in circular movements from inside out to help tone the cheek muscles.

6. Sweep the fingertips with pressure from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye, using the orbit bone age below the eye as your guide. This reduces puffiness by clearing excess fluid trapped underneath the eye.

7. Place each palm just above the opposite eyebrow and glide up to the hairline, inching the palm closer to the side of the face with each stroke.

8. Press your forefinger and middle finger in between your eyebrows and make small circular movements all the way up to the hairline. 

9. Use your fingertips in a “piano” succession all over the face.

10. Holding fingers of both hands tight together clap on both cheeks, trying to hit directly in the middle.

We hope this simple routines adds some cheer to your spirit and bounce to your skin! Happy Holidays!

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