Learning Makeup

Learning Makeup

Here’s another blog post from our wonderful student Karen:

Makeup Class

Last week we finished our makeup certification with Ms. Nancy Jackson. It was a fun two weeks filled with lots of makeup tips and useful tricks.  Miss Nancy brought a ton of products and lots of brushes for use to try. Though I love makeup, I don’t think I was that great at makeup application.  I think I need some work.  There were some girls that really had a natural ability to make any girl they worked with look amazing. Luckily, as the picture shows below, I was fortunate to have a girl who had a natural ability to look good regardless of my work on her.  Got to love beautiful Manal (pictured to the right). ISBA makeup class ILlinois

We learned a ton but here are the basics I took away when applying makeup:

1.  Apply Moisturizer to allow foundation to go on smoothly 

2.  Apply primer to entire face.  Don’t skip!  Primer makes everything smooth and also helps makeup last longer. 

3.  Apply concealer on under eyes and also on any red areas and blemishes.  Concealer can also work to highlight so focus on the center of the face to brighten for example, sides of nose and forehead.

4.  Blend in concealer with a brush. 

5.  Apply an eye primer to lid and blend in. 

6.  Apply eye color.  Apply a base color (a light color) on entire lid first. 

7.  Apply darker color in crease and on outer third of the lid in a side “V” 

8.  Make sure to blend eye colors with a blending brush so color does not look too dark, blotchy or harsh. 

9.  Line eyes.  For a soft subtle look, apply shadow or pencil to lash line and under eye. Blend. For a bolder look, use liquid liner.

10.  Apply a subtle highlight color to brow bone. 

11.  Fill in brows with pencil or powder.  Avoid matching your brows to your hair color exactly.    For blondes, go two shades darker.  For brunettes, go a shade or two lighter than hair color. 

12.  Curl Lashes 

13.  Apply mascara 

14.  Attach Falsies with glue.  Let dry before moving on to next step. 

15.  Touch up eye liner to hide any glue from false lashes 

16.  Contour face using a matte brown shade.  Miss Nancy swears by “Too Faced”.  Contour the side of nose, under cheeks, jaw line, and top and sides of forehead. 

17.  Apply color to cheeks 

18.  Apply color to lips

The end result!


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