New Year — New Life Opportunities with Clinical Esthetics Program!

New Year — New Life Opportunities with Clinical Esthetics Program!

January is the month of new beginnings! Many of us make resolutions for the year to come, wanting to change our lives for the better. So why not make 2020 the year you finally pursue your passion and create new life opportunities for yourself by becoming a student in the Clinical Esthetics Program? 


Taking the first step can be terrifying, which is why we have worked really hard to create a nurturing environment for all the women and men who come through our doors! We have trained students who just graduated high school, as well as some whose children had their own children 😊 Some were just starting on their professional path, others were on their 9th professional life! What united them all was that they took a chance on themselves, and decided to take a leap – and change their life for the better! 

Here at International Skin Beauty Academy, our students can gain not only training but also the confidence to pursue the life they’ve always dreamt of! Become an Esthetician means that you can make a good living by making others look and feel better. It is a career that allows you a lot of flexibility but also demands commitment, dedication, and a high level of professionalism. 

What makes us the best school to study esthetics is that we are dedicated to the development and success of each and every student! Our instructors have decades of experience in the field, as well as love for skincare and teaching. While we could go on and on about what makes our school fantastic, here are some of the key things you can expect: 


One of the key things we believe as a school is that we want to make education accessible to anybody who is passionate to change their life! As a result, our schedule is tailored to make sure that whether you attend full-time or part-time, you are still able to study without feeling that you have sacrificed your life and abandoned all of your commitments, whether it is work or family obligations!

Our full-time program is 5.5 months long and students attend Monday through Thursday. The part-time program is approximately 7.5 months long and students attend school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in the evening.


Here at our academy, we provide educational excellence, the right skills, and knowledge needed by a student for a successful performance at the respective clinic. The curriculum prepares able minds for a thriving career in any esthetics setting. 

Our educational program runs for 750 hours with a limited hours extension. This whole period includes both basic and outstanding medical skincare program. Our training consists of in-depth presentations based explicitly on worthy researches in the medical field.

As a professional student at the academy, you will gain the knowledge on how to effectively, carefully and properly perform facial arts, laser therapies, and skincare treatments.


In recognition of their hard work and extensive training, our students receive several certificates upon completion of the program: 

  • Esthetics Diploma
  • Makeup Certificate
  • Laser Certification by AMMP
  • Clinical/Medical Esthetics Certificate


As a school that is passionately devoted to the success of our students, we make everything possible to prepare them for a rewarding career! Not only do the skills we teach set our students apart, but we also teach them how to best present and market their skills! Our students receive advanced training in creating a resume and going through an interviewing process! 

Even when they graduate, our skincare graduates benefit from our Academy’s reputation! Our dedication to both the field of skincare and to our students is well-recognized and respected by many professionals in the field. As a result, we have built a large professional network of salons, spas, medical offices and medispas who want to hire our students. 

Although the majority of our students choose to work in the Greater Chicago area, some alumni have built successful careers in other States, not only in Wisconsin and Indiana, but also in Florida, Arizona, and California!


The classes begin on February 24, so don’t miss your chance! Whether you have more questions or want to set up a school visit, we are here for you via multiple channels:


Text: +1 (847) 558-1860

Call: +1 (847) 995-1932



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