Raising Awareness of Women’s Hearts

Raising Awareness of Women’s Hearts

Today marks the end of the National Women’s Heart week but we should keep the fight against heart problems 365 days a year! 

According to a recent study, the leading cause of death in the United States for women is HEART DISEASE. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed

  • Many medical practitioners simply aren’t looking for the symptoms of possible heart attacks in female patients.
  • As women grow older, the chances of having damaged arteries or weak heart muscles increases.
  •  Research shows that the risk of experiencing a heart attack also increase after experiencing menopause.
  • A poor diet, high in fat, sugar, and cholesterol, may also contribute to the occurrence of heart failures.
  • Stress and obesity are also considered top contributing factors

Some of the common symptoms of heart disease include experiencing chest pains or discomforts. Women with heart problems usually experience shortness of breath even if they are not exhausted. If you often feel pain in the upper abdomen, neck or jaw, the best thing to do is to visit a doctor.

Our intuition can be a powerful tool! If you feel that something is wrong in your body – have it checked out! And be honest in providing the medical information! Many women aren’t comfortable talking about the pains and aches they are experiencing!

Finally, focus on the positives! Stress is often unavoidable but sometimes it is a matter of perspective! Remember: worrying about small things is not worth it, when it ultimately could cost you your life!


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