What Does an Esthetician Do?

What Does an Esthetician Do?

When you are considering a new career in healthcare and beauty, gain some insights into the profession of an esthetician. There’s never a dull moment for a skin care professional. Literally. That’s because no self-respecting esthetician will send a client home without a beautiful glowing skin! The word esthetician is derived from aesthetics which is related to the appreciation of beauty.

Let’s look at SOME of the services an esthetician, as a skincare specialist, provides:

1. Facials

As part of a cosmetic treatment of the skin, you can expect an esthetician to offer you a facial. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing of the face takes place with your skin’s type and needs having been considered.

2. Blemish extractions

Estheticians are trained to help clients with blemishes they may have on their skin. Many blemishes are the result of clogged pores or blackheads which are removed during the treatment.

3. Acne treatment

An esthetician can provide a client with treatment for acne outbreaks. In addition, advice can be given on different products to use to combat acne. Always inform the esthetician if you are taking prescription medication for acne.

4. Microdermabrasion

This procedure removes dead skin cells from the face. The tool used is a diamond-tipped wand. The treatment leaves the skin feeling softer and looking younger.

5. Makeup application

Some estheticians offer makeup services. They apply makeup and give the client advice on what makeup to use and tips and tricks to maximize the makeup’s effect. An esthetician may offer other services such as massage, spray tanning, body wraps, and waxing of unwanted body hair. Most estheticians work at spas and salons. A clinical esthetician can work in a hospital or the offices of a doctor such as a plastic surgeon. He/she is qualified to do pre- and post-operative skin care as well as caring for burn victims. Clinical estheticians can also give makeup and skin care advice to cancer patients or patients with severely scarred skin.

International Skin Beauty Academy offers 750-hours Esthetics Program. This includes theory and practical application. Thereafter, graduates can apply for a license to operate as an esthetician in Illinois. With a growing market for estheticians, this is a career that will always see your services being in demand.


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